Top 7 Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo | **2022** Review

We spend so much time inside our homes and offices, but rarely stop to think about the quality of the air we’re breathing. Poor air quality can cause a wide range of health problems, from asthma and allergies to respiratory infections and even cancer. The best way to ensure healthy air quality is to invest in an air purifier. But did you know that an air purifier alone isn’t always enough? In order to get the most out of your investment, it’s important to also have a humidifier.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combos on the market today. We’ll also discuss some of the features that you should look for when making your purchase. Let’s get started!

What is an air purifier and humidifier combo?

An air purifier and humidifier combo is a device that both cleans and humidifies the air in your home. This can be especially beneficial if you live in an area with high levels of pollution or allergens in the air. The combo unit will help to remove these contaminants from the air, while also adding moisture to the air to prevent dryness. This can help to improve your overall respiratory health and make your home more comfortable to live in.

The benefits of using an air purifier and humidifier combo unit in your home or office environment are:

  • Improved respiratory health
  • Reduced allergies and asthma symptoms
  • Cleaner, healthier air to breathe
  • Reduced risk of airborne illnesses
  • Less dust in the air
  • Fewer pet dander and other allergens in the air
  • Humidified air prevents dryness and chapped skin
  • Fresher smelling air
  • Reduces static electricity
  • Creates a more comfortable environment overall

Our Top Picks for Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo in 2022


Brondell  O2+

Focus LS-AP200


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5 out of 5

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4.5 out of 5

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4 out of 5

Editor's Rating

5 out of 5

How do you choose the best air purifier and humidifier combo for your needs?

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing an air purifier and humidifier combo unit for your home. First, consider the size of the unit and the specific needs of your home. If you have a large home or office, you’ll need a unit that can purify and humidify air for a larger space. Second, look for a unit with multiple settings so you can adjust the level of purification and humidity to meet your needs. Third, consider the features you want in a unit, such as a timer, filter replacement indicator, or automatic shut-off. Finally, think about your budget to find a unit that fits your needs and your budget.

#1. SHARP KC850U Air Purifier and Humidifier Combo




Introducing the SHARP KC850U air purifier and humidifier combo – your solution for truly clean air! This product uses advanced technology to remove pollutants and allergens from your environment, and it’s been tested by some of the world’s leading laboratories. Plus, with over 80 million products sold worldwide, you know that this is a quality product you can trust.

The Sharp KC-850U Triple-Action Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function purifies a room up to 254 square feet. It offers a unique combination of air treatment technologies to make you and your family more comfortable, whatever the season. Sharp’s Plasmacluster air purifier helps remove irritants with an ultra quiet fan that draws air through a 3-stage filter system. This filter system plus the revolutionary Plasmacluster Ion Technology for air purifiers makes the air cleaner smelling. 


  • Intuitive harmony between purifying and moisturization functions
  • Pre-filter, carbon, HEPA + Ion Tech and a humidification filter are all included in this system.
  • 17 laboratory tests in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries have shown the product’s efficacy.
  • Generally positive feedback and a reasonable price point


  • Only 254 square feet of covering is recommended (you might need more than 1 unit for larger rooms)
  • To avoid running out of water, the water tank must be replaced periodically (the capacity is 0.96 gallons).


  • An air purifier and humidifier combo can help improve your respiratory health by removing pollutants and adding moisture to the air.
  • The SHARP KC850U air purifier and humidifier combo uses advanced technology to remove contaminants from the air and has been tested by leading laboratories.
  • This product features a 4-stage air filtration system and 1 humidification filter to help improve your indoor air quality.
  • The SHARP KC850U air purifier and humidifier combo is affordable and has received high ratings from users.

#2. BONECO H300 – Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier




The BONECO H300 – Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier is a 3-in-1 hybrid that can operate as a humidifier, air purifier, or both. With high performance and adjustable hybrid settings, it provides optimal humidity and cleanses the air of contaminants simultaneously. The large capacity filter removes allergy-causing pollens, contaminants, and more. There are six performance levels and pre-sets, including Auto, Sleep, and Baby profiles, to provide optimal air quality for daily use, deep restful sleep or a pleasant restful environment

The Boneco H300 is a humidifier and air purifier all in one! This unit works with ultrasonic technology to produce cool, clean, and healthy air. The Boneco H300 has an easy control knob for setting the humidity level you desire, as well as a real-time humidity measurement on the display screen. This Boneco model also features automatic shut-off when water runs out or when the tank is removed from its base. You can also choose between three fan speeds depending on your needs. This unit is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup!


  • A 1.85-gallon water tank
  • 3-in-1 air purifier and humidifier hybrid provides excellent humification.
  • The H300 humidifier is a great choice for medium to large rooms, and features an easy-to-fill water tank that lasts up to 24 hours.


  • HEPA filtering is not used.


  • HYBRID AIR PURIFIER & HUMIDIFIER – This is a 3-in-1 hybrid. It can work as either humidifier, air purifier, or a combination of air purifier and humidifier.
  • 6 PERFORMANCE LEVELS – The BONECO H300 has 6 performance levels, including the Auto Mode, which you see in the best air purifiers by Coway, Molekule, and Blueair.
  • SMALL ROOM OR LARGE ROOM? – No problem! The BONECO H300 Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier can handle it.
  • BIG WATER TANK – The Boneco H300 has a big water tank (1.5L) which can last up to 24 hours on low setting.

#3. VENTA LW25 Original Humidifier in Black

  • Healthy air humidified

  • Cold evaporative humidification

  • Safe for use with tap water

The VENTA LW25 Original Humidifier in Black is a powerful evaporative humidifier that can provide healthy air humidification for spaces up to 430 ft². With an optimal humidity range of 40-60%, this humidifier can help you breathe easier and sleep better at night. The VENTA LW25 features an easy-to-use control panel, as well as a removable water tank for easy refilling.

It uses cold evaporative humidification without the use of filters, which reduces harmful pollutants in the air at a humidity level of 40-60%.The VENTA LW25 humidifier is a safe and easy to use way to add humidity to your home. The humidifier is designed for use with tap water, and is equipped with a built-in filter that removes minerals and other impurities from the water. This helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in the humidifier, and also helps to reduce the risk of white dust formation. 


  • Purifies the air using water rather than HEPA filters, which are pricey.
  • It’s best to go for humidifiers that have a 2.0-gallon tank and are capable of maintaining humidity levels between 40 and 60 percent.
  • Every three to twelve months, there are no filter replacement fees.
  • Affordable and available in a range of sizes (from 200 sq ft to 800 sq ft)


  • Will be able to absorb air contaminants with a diameter of 10 microns or more.
  • If you live in an area with poor indoor air quality, the water in the tank will begin to smell if you don’t change it often enough.


  • The Venta LW25 Original is a revolutionary air purifier that uses only water to remove pollutants from the air.
  • It consists of a disc stack which rotates inside the water reservoir, and removes airborne pollutants by passing them through its surface.
  • The Venta LW25 Original has an integrated Ionizer for additional cleaning power and can be used as a humidifier or dehumid

#4. Brondell Air Purifier O2+ Review




Brondell’s Air Purifier O2+ combines the power of a high-performance air purifier with the comfort of a humidifier. The O2+ uses an advanced Evaporative Humidification Method to evenly distribute moisture throughout your room, providing you and your family with cleaner, healthier air.

The Auto mode automatically cycles between fan speeds based on the level of contaminants in the air. In Sleep mode, the fan will run at low speed for nighttime use.

The Brondell Air Purifier O2+ is an air purifier that uses a combination of True HEPA filtration and Negative Ion technology to remove pollutants from the air in your home. The Air Purifier O2+ has four operating modes: Auto Mode, Eco Mode, Allergen Mode and Fan Speed/Manual Mode.

In Auto Mode, the air flow speed is automatically controlled based on the air quality in the room. In Eco Mode, the fan speed automatically goes to maximum, quickly removing pollutants in the room. In Allerge Mode, the fan runs at a higher speed to remove allergens in the air. Lastly, Fan Speed/Manual Mode allows you to manually control the fan speed of the Air Purifier O2+.


  • The vapour it emits is imperceptible.
  • The timer is shown on a digital screen.
  • There is a setting for allergies.
  • For nighttime usage, you may dim or turn off all of the lights.


  • Has a less appealing appearance than other models
  • Fan speed is not adjusted by its intelligent sensors


  • REVIVE YOUR HOME: Don’t just filter your air, refresh it with the Brondell Revive air purifier and humidifier.
  • TWICE THE AIR, HALF THE TIME: With a dual suction system the Revive is able to move through more air faster than comparable sized machines.
  • EVAPORATIVE HUMIDIFICATION: With the Evaporative Humidification Method, the water particles used to humidify the room’s atmosphere are small and light-weight.
  • ACTIVE CARBON AND SPECIALIZED FILTERS: The Granulated Carbon Filter traps and removes odors, harmful gases, and VOCs.

#5. Lifestyle by Focus LS-AP200 PURA Pro

  • Powerful enough to remove 99.97% 

  • Compact design is ideal

  • Adjustable fan speeds settings

The Lifestyle by Focus LS-AP200 PURA Pro Air Purifier is the perfect way to get clean and fresh air each time. This purifier features a 3 stage filtration system which includes a Pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter. It’s powerful enough to remove 99.97% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns (dust, germs, mold spores, pollen, smoke, odor, pet dander, VOCs, gases) and air pollution of PM 2.5.

It is a high performance air purifier with a stylish and modern design that will look great in any room. This air purifier also features an easy to use touch screen panel and a silent operation mode for those who want the unit running without disturbing others.

Bundle Includes:

  • Lifestyle by Focus LS-AP200 PURA Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, Night Light and Child Lock
  • Lifestyle by Focus LS-AP200 HEPA Filter Replacement


  • Includes a sensor for measuring the air quality.
  • Has an automatic mode that activates when pollutants are detected.
  • Option for child lock
  • Silent mode has a volume level of 35 decibels, which is very quiet.


  • The water tank is too little – needs changing every 1-2 days


  • Adjustable: The air purifier also features an adjustable fan speeds settings
  • Powerful: Powerful enough to remove 99.97% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns
  • LS-AP200 PURA Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, Night Light and Child Lock

#6. Afloia MiroPro Air Purifier with Humidifier

  • 3-in-1 HEPA Filtration

  • Evaporative Humidification

  • Gorgeous Night Lights

Afloia’s MiroPro air purifier with humidifier is a 3-in-1 filter system for superior air purification. The modular design allows you to use it only as an air purifier or with the top-filled detachable water tank for humidification. The cylindrical 3-in-1 filter is composed of a pre-filter net, HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter to remove 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

The Afloia MiroPro Air Purifier with Humidifier is a great way to improve the air quality in your home. The humidifier works on evaporative principle to convert the invisible water into nano-water molecules to moisten the air, which can help improve your breathing and comfort levels. The purifier also helps remove dust, pollen, and other particles from the air to improve your indoor air quality.


  • safer than ultrasonic natural evaporative humidity control:
  • A humidifier filter that can be replaced
  • Three-in-one pre, HEPA, and carbon filters
  • Seven-color LED lights and a compact shape make it simple to refill from the top three timers.


  • Humidity levels are low.
  • Filter for humidifier that’s rather pricey


  • 3-IN-1 FILTRATION SYSTEM – The MIRO PRO air purifier has a 3-stage filtration system to remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air, including pollen, smoke, and pet dander.
  • GORGEOUS NIGHT LIGHTS – Three light modes let you choose how much light you want in your room while you sleep. Light off mode keeps the room completely dark, soft mode provides a gentle glow, and standard mode is bright enough to read by.
  • SEPARATE DESIGNED – The MIRO PRO is the upgraded version of the popular MIRO air purifier. It’s been redesigned with a sleek new look.

#7. Envion FS200 Air Purifier




Envion FS200 Four Seasons Air Purifier, Heater, Fan, & Humidifier is a 4-in-1 device to use all year round. The Envion Electric Air Cleaner generates healthy, moist heat in medium to large rooms with 3 heat settings. The true HEPA filter removes mold, mildew, smoke, viruses, germs and pet dander. It also reduces dust mites and other allergens. A built-in humidifier adds moisture back into the air while you sleep for more comfortable.

The Envion FS200 Air Purifier is a one-of-a-kind product that features a heater, humidifier, fan and air purifier – all built into one space-saving machine. This allows your family to enjoy the warmth of an adjustable electric heater without drying out your skin or the air around you. The Envion FS200 also features a built-in filter that removes harmful particles from the air, so you can breathe easy knowing that your family is safe and healthy.


  • Compact 4-in-1 device
  • True HEPA filtration
  • Invisible mist produced by evaporative humidification
  • Ceramic heater, 1500 watts, moderate humidification rate
  • Temperature and fan speed adjustment


  • HEPA filter replacement cannot be indicated by any indication.
  • It has a low airflow rate, making it ineffective as a fan.


  • TRIPLE ACTION PURIFICATION: This machine is made to purify the air in medium to large-sized rooms up to 3 times in one hour!
  • USE ALL YEAR LONG: In allergy season, you can trust the air purifier to remove common allergens from your home.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS AND SETTINGS: The easy to read display panel can all be used simultaneously to allow you to adjust temperature and humidity to your comfort level. 

FAQs about Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo

What are some of the top-rated air purifier and humidifier combos on the market today?

There are many different types and brands of air purifiers and humidifiers on the market today. Some of the top-rated products include the SHARP KC850U air purifier and humidifier combo, the Honeywell HPA300 air purifier and humidifier combo, and the LEVOIT LV-H132 air purifier and humidifier combo. These products are all designed to improve your indoor air quality by removing pollutants and adding moisture to the air.

How much do they cost, and are they worth the investment?

Air purifiers and humidifiers are available in a wide range of prices, depending on the brand, type, and features. Some of the more affordable options may cost around $50, while the higher-end models can cost upwards of $300. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to purchase an air purifier and humidifier combo depends on your individual needs and budget. However, if you suffer from allergies or other respiratory problems, investing in an air purifier and humidifier combo can be a worthwhile investment.

How do you use an air purifier and humidifier combo in your home?

To get the most benefit from your air purifier and humidifier combo, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, you will want to place the unit in a central location in your home, such as in the living room or bedroom. It is also important to regularly clean and replace the filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What maintenance are required air purifier and humidifier combo to keep it running properly?

To keep your air purifier and humidifier combo running properly, it is important to regularly clean and replace the filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You may also need to occasionally wipe down the unit with a damp cloth to remove dust buildup. Finally, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper storage when not in use.


Conclusion paragraph: So, what is the best air purifier and humidifier combo in 2022? It’s hard to say definitively since everyone’s needs are different. However, we have compiled a list of some of the best combos on the market based on customer reviews. If you want an air purifier and humidifier that can tackle all your needs, these Seven combos may be perfect for you.

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